Having watched elections since Eisenhower, something most I hope now realize are selections, not elections at all and cycle after cycle I see a process that has very little to do with the will of “We The People” as big monied interests have basically bought the government. A couple examples: 1. Citizens United. A decision made by the supreme court that allows for unlimited corporate money into the selection process. This was already happening and all this decision really accomplished was making it legal for mega corporations and it’s ownership to buy and promote the candidates who will serve them best, while not being forced to identify how much or from where such money come from. 2. Fast Track, or rather the authority to move a bill or treaty quickly into law, with little debate and no possible filibuster to slow down so called, trade agreements, like the TPP, TTIP and TISA, all of which work to grant authority to mega corporations formerly held by congress. A boom for such monied interests and another loss for we the people. It required $200 Million in corporate money donated to various senators to pass fast track trade authority, so at least we now know what it cost to buy a senator. All perfectly legal too.

What kind of system works in such a way, while professing to be a republic? A very corrupt one most would conclude, yet time and again people cast ballots to keep it. With a media firmly under control of corporate interests, along with an educational system, TV, radio, newspapers and yes, even most movies produced in Hollywood, Americans are indoctrinated early into believing they have a say in what government does, while the same system is also selling their many products in a consumer driven society. I think most realize they don’t have a say, but these self-appointed owners using the two party is designed to cause people to believe otherwise. They also make it next to impossible for a third party to even be placed on the ballot and so long as this system can write the rules governing the process, this will never change.

I believe we must look at how any republic gains the legitimacy required to operate. What makes it legal? Only the consent of the governed can accomplish this, but take away that consent and what happens? If no one votes for any member of the system, but rather writes in a candidate like Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, or some other person outside the system, that would cause quite a ruckus in the halls of The Establishment, but may not be enough with an electoral college acting as the line of defense against the will of the people. It’s why it exists after all.

I think most all agree the two party system and it’s ownership doesn’t serve our interests at all, but the opposite. Yet they still vote for it, perhaps thinking if only they can elect the right people, all will be made better. Although changing the faces of the system has never worked before. Pundits repeat this mantra daily in all media and enough still buy into this shell game that the system keeps right on serving it’s employers. Less than half of registered voters cast ballots however, so a majority is already impossible for the system, much less a mandate as is so often claimed. In any event, unless we as a people find a way to remove the employees of the ownership from congress, the white house and finally the supreme court, the trends we see today are going to become far worse. More poverty, war, unsafe food supply, (GMOs) (factory farms) deteriorating environment, loss of social security, more corporate rule, more corporate welfare, a more militarized society, less freedom, less education, more prisons, fewer jobs, more pollution and more than I can fit onto a list. It’s almost like stopping a runaway train at this point, but if we don’t find a way to establish self rule, the current rulers will continue as they have and using us to do it. Anyone voting for either member of this two party system is casting a vote for the few items I listed and needs to think about that next time they think a Donald Trump, A Hillary Clinton, or anyone else from these parties of disaster might be on their side, since they are not, never will be, people know it and if anyone believes otherwise, they are certainly free to help the status quo remain as is and grow far worse in the years to come. As Howard Zinn pointed out: “You can’t be neutral on a moving train” and the one we’re all on is headed over a cliff. Please do not help it do so.


Social scientist, advocate for economic, environmental, food, water and air justice, etc. Special emphasis on ending: Fracking, Mountaintop coal removal, reverse human influenced global warming, while continuing to work towards U.S. compliance with the NPT, thereby reaching the goal of total nuclear disarmament.

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